Solutions We Provide

Iatric was founded in 2017, born out of the rapidly growing demand for the innovative sanitary
and hygienic wet wipe products that Iatric manufacturers. At Iatric, we help create healthy
environments by working hand-in- hand with our customers to develop and deliver product
solutions that work to make sensitive environments more hygienic.

Iatric’s thought leadership and dedication to never compromising its integrity for financial gain:
managing our partnerships with the utmost respect, embracing continuous change through
product innovation and capital reinvestment, and employing a dedicated and passionate
management team focused on the customers’ needs have earned Iatric a position in the
marketplace as the premier global supplier in our industry. 

Iatric’s extensive global network is comprised of a team experts in the fields of materials,
manufacturing and product innovation that delivers customer specific solutions, launching
them into the forefront of market trends. The Iatric team continues to guide customers
through new product introductions as well as leading continuous improvement on past
innovations with materials, manufacturing platforms and technologies. Iatric offers a fully
diversified portfolio of converting and packaging equipment in an environment that is designed
to be a world class leader in quality, while intentionally practicing strategies that minimize our
global footprint.